Latex updates for this week

Ellen wearing latex and Ava 4.0!Yesh! New updates are ready and in shop... The wait is over, Ava 4.0 is for sale! I know, some of you had to wait a *long* time for it and finally: here it is! In the picture you see Ellen (yup, different skin, different hair) wear it in combination over the Cat 2 20% sheer catsuit. To finish the outfit Ellen put on a pair of black latex gloves and stockings. The new items since last post here are: You can click on one of the items to get all the information for that item! Right now I'm adding all the items to Onrez and SLexchange, so the links to the items on these website will be available very soon! To get a quick overview of these items, here are the vendor posters.

Next to the latex updates, I've also been rebuilding the shop and studio. Both were built sloppy and the shop was completely filled up. I needed to free some prims and create some space to be able to hang all new items in shop in future. Curious? See you there!!

The new outfits are available from: In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace