Frequently Asked Questions

Yeah yeah, I know... But that's the fun part of Second Life isn't it? Being someone different or looking different... Someone once described building your avatar in second life to me as 'Building yourself, only a little better!' I guess that to be true... or in some cases: "Building yourself in second Life is building yourself... a little different ;)"

Second life sometimes has trouble rendering objects and avatars the same way... especially when gfx settings are set to lower quality (or better, not to the highest quality) lighting on prims and avatars may vary and so colours may not match exactly... When you encounter this problem, you may want to try different ligthing settings... However remember that what you seen on screen is not what other see on screen, everyone sees using his or her own lighting settings and corresponding quality. 

When you look at Second Life groups in Flickr, images there are usually photoshopped to some degree. The pictures I post here usually aren't (unless I specifically mention it). In second life I have a 'photo studio' which offers the possibility to add backgrounds and change lighting. I also have some specific settings for daylight and that is it. The reason these images aren't enhanced is because I want the set you see here and the one you buy in the store to be the same. Please note that GFX settings on your computer and lighting profile in your second life may be different and this may affect the way your avatar looks...

When I create sets, I usually take a few snaps to see how a set works out. Because in daily life I own a webdevelopment company, I could build this website. I figured why not put the images on it for others to see. If you're from Second Life, you can come to the store and buy the sets you see here (and usually in  a variety of colors). 

Hugo's design is a fetish clothing brand in Second Life. Second Life is a virtual world where people can walk around and interact with eachother freely. It's a fun world where you can find like-minded people. Images you see on this site are mostly raw snapshots taken from Second Life. 

Hugo's design features high quality latex (fetish) clothing. Curious? Join Second Life for free and come and visit us!