Latex vs. Lace

In my last post I said so: I have (had) some time on my hands now to clean the house design some new items and since I've been playing with the idea of starting up some kind of premium label, I figured it was time to see what I could come up with. I worked with lace once before (on the Stellar corset) and thought it might be a good idea to pick up lace again! You can see the first result here. I've created two sets and a corset which hopefully go on sale this week! Keep your eyes out for the Fashcon / group message! Finally ready too is Expo! The corset in the third picture is worn by a new face... Maybe some of you already know this lady. She will be modeling more outfits in the future next to Ellen and Tillie. This pretty lady is none other then Latexia! [update] At this moment (today) i'll be hanging the new items in the shop... I'm hoping to send a notice to the group today and will send a Fashcon notice tomorrow night!

Ellen wearing Latex lace set 1 Ellen wearin the latex lace set, set 2 Latexia wearing the Ilsa corset Ellen wearing a combination of the sets

The new outfits are available from: In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace