New Releases: Wila & Black Space Cat

Bianka here again, assigned blog duties once more. In case you missed the in-world release notices, we have two new outfits on sale. They're both variations on other designs, but I think you'll see they're still definitely worth checking out. • Wlia •

  Not, not last week's release - that was the Wilo. The Wila comes in a similar style as that except we've done away with the black detail leaving the entire Wilo made of one solid colour. A double-header of straps and O-rings holding the whole ensemble together for you: this can be worn either as a gusset-flossing body or an (almost) full body suit. The bottoms come in the choice of an ultra-high cut thong or a belt-trimmed pair of pants. Both alternatives come in open or closed versions. Furthermore, the upper half comes in three styles: Long-Sleeved, Short-Sleeved or Sleeveless/Halter neck; all of which combine with the lower layers perfectly. As with all our outfits, this one comes with matching (fingerless) gloves and thigh-high stockings and all clothing layers are included. • Black Space Cat •

Remember those funkalicious Space Cats from a couple of weeks ago; retina-seeringly bright catsuits highlighted with black trim? Well, we've turned them on their collective heads and give you a sheer black latex catsuit with coloured seams following each and every contour of your body. Each one comes with matching gloves & stockings as well as in all clothing layers, including V2 tattoo. Both are available at the in-world store or on SL Marketplace.