New Release: Xyx Harness and Xyx Body 2

Bianka the Blogger back again! Only three little letters but the Xyx is fast becoming one of our largest collections. And, in order to make it even bigger, tonight we give you two new additions to it: • Xyx Harness •


Well, this outfit could be defined by what it leaves uncovered as much as what it does. An elaborate latex body harness, trimmed with a choice of NINE colours, comes open-boobed as standard. From a built-in collar, he buckled straps travel down the side of your chest, linking-up with the high-cut bottoms - which can be worn either open or closed. Round the back, you have one broader strap of latex, at bra level, which connects to the corresponding straps in the front. You also have the option of wearing the body bottom or with the two types of belted chaps (open or closed crotch) that are included. As with all HD outfits, you have the ever-present matching gloves and stockings to complete the look. Finally, in case you were wondering, as this is a Xyx outfit, it also contains the Xyx Masquerade-style Mask (even though it isn't shown or listed on the item image itself.) • Xyx Body 2 •


This one's a little more discreet than the harness. But only a little. A solid enough, halter-neck, high-cut body with the closed version featuring open crescents across just the top of the boobs. The open version is...well, open. The back is pretty much fully open, too, with a single O-ring holding the coloured straps all together. The gusset can be worn either open or closed as well. As with the Xyx Harness, matching gloves, stockings and the Xyx Masquerade Mask are all part of the package. Both new outfits are available from: In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace