New stuff on the horizon


New stuff ahead! Yes, and it'll be more than one item this time. We'll kick off with a pair of sunglasses... because... why not? And then there will be a new set (Nilea), an add-on to that (naughty!) a set of pasties and a pair of shoes. Stay tuned for more ;)

Ellen wearing the Nilea set in combination with Jessy gloves, stockings and a pair of naughty pasties!

Coming up - more mesh :)


Alrighty, almost... but not just yet. I hoped to be able to announce the third Eos set this weekend, however it took a little more work than we thought to get everything together. What we can guarantee you is that pretty soon, you will find the third set in store. The hud is updated as well and in the upcoming weeks the updates will also be available for the body set and the corset.

What is coming? Well, the third set is a complete set as well, but you can also combine it with... for instance: the corset. Here's what the set looks like:

The set will also sport a cool new feature which some will love and other will... not... Adjustable glow (you can set it separate for any part, like the trim...) and full bright can be switched on / off. How does that look? Well...


Pretty cool eh? We're still working on other items (neck corset almost finished) and much more! And yes, demo's I know... we're working on those as well!

Almost in the shop!

A lot has happened since I last wrote my last entry here. You may have noticed that the picture under 'latest fashion post in Flickr' is missing... This is because Flickr set my fashion account to 'restricted' which means that you need to be logged into the Flickr website to see the pictures. This is the second time my items / pictures are sencored... and in all honesty, again it is my mistake. I applied the filters too loosely. Again the only thing which got me kind of pissed is the fact that you don't get a warning before something like this happens. I would have gladly (re)set the filters myself, keeping my account open for everyone... I'll keep posting my designs there, only for my contacts to see... Then some good news: Yesterday Sunshine Kukulcan surprised me with a blogpost about my Second Life shop! How cool!! And I'm saying it for some time now, new items are on the way. I just want everything to be spot on when I start releasing all new items. New will also be notices send out with new releases. I'll be sending notices through my ow update group (let me know if you want to be on it, just send me an IM or click the 'add to group' box in my main shop! Next to my own update group, notices will be sent through the network! Soo... what will be the new latex items for the upcomming weeks? here are some.... you'll find new color versions of the basic catsuit 'Cat'. I'm starting off with a red and white one. There also will be new color versions the Solar corset (and yes you guessed right, I'll start off with a red and white one). Next to that there will be a new catsuit: 'Cat 2' this is a new sheer catsuit with- and without seams. I'm starting those with sheer black and white ones and a translucent one. Other colors will follow. There is a new corset which I called 'Solar 2' for now... not sure about that name yet. Ava 4 (see previous post) will finally come (combined with a pair of chaps, possibly the kinkiest release so far.. hehe). And there will be more shirts and outfits.. here are some first look pictures (sometimes combining the unfinished sets):

Solar 2 combined with Cat and Cat 2

Sheer latex designs

This weekend I finally had some time to pick up working on some designs again. For them I used the fairly new latex templates. The result (so far) are three new sets. The first set is called Lia, a sheer latex body which comes with matching gloves and stockings. The second set is a combination package: It is the Lia package combined with the Ava 3.0 harness. This set has been for sale for two days now, and can be called a success already... The third set is called Amy. It is the same as the Lia body, only wit snap buttoned parts (see the picture to see what I mean..) All items are for sale in my shop in-world and online at onrez and slexchange.

Lia - sheer latex body Ava 3.0 harness and Lia - sheer latex bodyAmy - sheer latex body

The new website is coming along slowly... Haven't had much tim... well... no time actually to continue that. Will pick that up soon!

First items released

My first plan was to make all items and release them all at the same time. This, however, could take some time, especially with a very busy rl... So I altered my plan a little and decided to start selling finished items. Ava 3.0The first items are online! First was Ava 3.0 which has been lying around from the time I designed the first Ava set (that is more then half a year now). Well, it is for sale, finally! All items are for sale in-world and on slexchange and onrez. Ava 3.0 is marked as 'adult content on sl-exchange, so enable mature content if you go shop there! Demi - blueOther items which are already in shop is the shirt called 'Demi' and it is available in three colors (there may come a fourth one...) The shirt comes in a set with a pair of matching panties. I also designed a standard vendor lay-out of which only the colors will be different for types of clothing. pricing and permissions Until now, all items I released were 'copy'. I will change this into 'transfer' for all items and 'modify' for specific items (and I will also include this information on the vendor lay-out). Prices have been very low until now, and they will go up a little. Simple latex shirts will start at a price of L$ 245,- and for shirts or corsets with a lot of detail (belts, straps) it will go up to L$ 345,- A latex bodysuit in one color (top, bottom, gloves, stockings) will come at 295,- Complete outfits will start at L$ 495,- and will go up to L$ 895,- I will also release combination packages like the Ava 1.0 white set in combination with a colored latex bodysuit. landmark to the shop Since the shop is (still) situated in a skybox, a direct SLurl won't work. I will therefore create a tp-unit on the ground under the shop and post the SLurl to that on the website!

Shiny progress

Ellen in latexIt has been a while since my last post, and that is for a good reason. My rl webdesign agency is doing very well! We are happy and our clients are too! This, on the other side, limits the time I can work on the new 'shiny' collection... I have been walking around in-world to see what my competition has to offer and have grown aware of the fact that my designs are of high quality (at least, I think so lol). The designs created so far are straight forward and when I have a little more time on my hands I'll have a go at more items like the 'devil' design... Ellen in latex on a new vendor designThe plan now is to start selling the new latex outfits when I have ten or so unique designs. They may come in different colors, but I won't release each item in like twenty color variants... Next to the special outfits, I'll be selling the 'plain' latex catsuits in normal and transparent variants in more color variants... The Flickr site I've set up especially for posting pictures of my designs has had more visits than I expected! Comments are very positive and I hope to start selling the new items soon... (this still may take me some weeks...) Ava 3.0And in response to two questions I received, asking me why the Ava 3.0 (worn in combination with a totally transparent catsuit by Ava herself on the picture to the right) design was never sold and if I am planning to put it in the shop I can say this: When I was working on the design I noticed a lot of these kind of designs were already on sale. I will however put it in my shop soon.

Red devil

Red devilYou saw the shirt, and now the rest of the outfit is almost finished. The set is called 'Red devil' and it includes the 'little devil' red shirt. The outfit was originally designed for the picture you see here, worn by the lovely Kucinta Moody. It will soon be for sale, the first lingerie kind of outfit based on the latex templates I mentioned earlier on this blog. I have not decided yet if to include a bra too... I think I will :) to make it more complete... More items are lined up to be released, I hope to have some time on my hands to do so!

Gina in shop

Gina - black latex shirtThe newest release is one that I created from an older design I had lying around. In the new-ideas section a purple shirt is shown. I was looking at it yesterday and tried my new latex templates on this shirt. It looked very good and so I decided to start selling it! The shirt is called Gina. Lower body textures are almost finished too (in red and black) so a complete outfit will be in store soon! In-world I had the chance to work with Lyanis Sin. She has a beautiful avatar and a wide range of outfits.. Lag ruined it a bit, but the shots I was able to make were enough to make two pictures (with vector backgrounds, like Lyanis wanted)

First latex items!

Little devil - blackYes! I think I nailed it. It took me a vacation, but I finally found out how to make items with a 'realistic' latex texture! The first test I made is already being sold through my in-world shop and onrez and slexchange. The item is a top with short sleeves, and it is available in red and black. Little devil - redFirst I will now be creating a set of pants to go with it and then I can look into other designs. There is certainly more to come!

Busy times

Arg... wrote an item and yes...... forgot to save before leaving my computer alone for an hour of two... Windows update came along and rebooted my pc... yay! Ok.. here is an abstract from that post: I'm busy in rl, I want o make clothing, I went to a party.... nah.. that is no fun to read... :) Oh well.. here goes again. I've been on the road for my rl company and so there has been little time left to be doing something in or with second life... I posted a lot of pictures on Flickr (for me it was a lot...) but right now there is simply no time to work on that.. I have some really cool ideas in mind, but they will require a lot time before they are realized. I also have some new idea's for clothing but they too have to wait untill I've got more time and energy! I want to finish the items in the ideas section soon and a jacket, dress and male clothing are on my also on my wanted list! Yesterday I did something which I hadn't done for a long time: I went to a party in SL. It was a garden party with good music. Suze invited me and when I was there I also met the lovely Nur Moo who's original pictures I like very much. All in all, I had a very nice evening! Oh.. I am looking for a new skin too.. something different again... I've got my skin for a year now an I guess there is a lot of new skins to choose from. I already went to RaC, they have the best I've seen so far... I you read this and know a good addres, let me know! And another funny thing is the post about latex clothing on this blog. I noticed that it is indexed into searching engines and so when someone googles on 'wearing latex' they find a picture of 'Ellen wearing latex' among the results lol. So: welcome all latex lovers! (or should I say: Welcome all virtual latex lovers!)...