New stuff on the horizon


New stuff ahead! Yes, and it'll be more than one item this time. We'll kick off with a pair of sunglasses... because... why not? And then there will be a new set (Nilea), an add-on to that (naughty!) a set of pasties and a pair of shoes. Stay tuned for more ;)

Ellen wearing the Nilea set in combination with Jessy gloves, stockings and a pair of naughty pasties!

Coming up - more mesh :)


Alrighty, almost... but not just yet. I hoped to be able to announce the third Eos set this weekend, however it took a little more work than we thought to get everything together. What we can guarantee you is that pretty soon, you will find the third set in store. The hud is updated as well and in the upcoming weeks the updates will also be available for the body set and the corset.

What is coming? Well, the third set is a complete set as well, but you can also combine it with... for instance: the corset. Here's what the set looks like:

The set will also sport a cool new feature which some will love and other will... not... Adjustable glow (you can set it separate for any part, like the trim...) and full bright can be switched on / off. How does that look? Well...


Pretty cool eh? We're still working on other items (neck corset almost finished) and much more! And yes, demo's I know... we're working on those as well!

Latex catsuit

Latex combination photo 1Ok, one more item about latex clothing and then I'll post something different again... This is not a blog latex clothing only! It was Ellen who surprised me by combining two sets: the Ava white version set and the red cat suit I am currently working on (and after that other colors will follow too). These two items looked good together and I think this will sell in-world... I don't know how I am going to market this, Ellen may get her own clothing label for these kind of outfits, the loves shiny rubber clothing! latex clothing combinationWhen I look at this, more combinations come to mind... I will soon start making complete outfits and I will also open a Flickr website where I will post only images of (new) outfits I have created.