New website

Yes, that is right! a whole new website!!! Second Life is only a small time job I have (or hobby if you will) which I fill my evenings with. I own a webdevelopment company and so I decided to use knowledge to good use and build Hugo's Design a new website. As with all pet projects, it took some time (and then some more time) before it got into a shape where I dared think about publishing it (and so replacing the current website).

As you may notice, this website has a bit more functionality and I'm still not finished (yet). Here's a quick overview on what to find here, what not and what is still to come (if time permits...)

New stuff

  • photo's: it was a long time goal of mine to be able to add multiple pictures of one set (or set combination) to the website. This way it's easier to show the different combinations and styles to wear and bring some more attention to the HD brand outside of SL.
  • Pic of the day: Even more pictures, this time a take out of the sets which I really like. Sometimes you'll be able to find early prototypes here too.
  • Links: over time I'll place banners here to other related blogs and / or brands in SL
  • FAQ: some frequently asked questions can be found here including an answer

Stuff you already knew

  • blog / news: I know, I'm not the most regular poster, but I try :) 
  • small stuff like links to SL and the marketplace, twitter messages and the latest Flickr update.

Stuff not yet there

  • products: still under development (nearly finished), but products will show you the latest releases and maybe over time I'll add the older sets here too, making it into a catalog on what's for sale in SL (the HD store and marketplace).
  • The new CMS enables me to create different image styles and I want to create new wallpapers through that so those can return on the website for download once again!

Anything left out you want to see here, let me know!

update (02-10-2013): yes, it is true: this website is non-responsive... it's on the wish list :)