Happy New Year

Happy new year! And may all your dreams and (kinky) fantasies come true... virtually or real! To kick-off the new year there's lots of cool stuff to let you in on!

Sexxx Sells

HD will be on 'Sexxx Sells', a fair which will offer you access to "A world of sin, deprevity, perversion and of course... sexxx". Well... who doesn't want that?? And the best part of it is that HD will not only be one of the main attractions, we'll also have some new items to be relased during the event! Keep your eyes open for more news as the 17th will be here in no-time!

Sexxx Sells promotion poster

HD Support

Then there's support... Something which sometimes isn't easy as I have a busy rl schedule... And next to that: SL isn't a perfect place and we at HD aren't perfect either... So in order to streamline the process of helping out customers that bump into an issue, We've built a support page on this website which notifies the right people in order for them to help out!