Lola's, Azz and Booty

In the last days we've been busy... There's a lot of stuff that's on the horizon and here are the first updates! We're receiving more and more requests for Lola Tango updates and also Phat / Cute Azz is gaining popularity at a fast pace! That is why here's a first update... We've created Lola appliers and Phat Azz appliers for the Yali body set and the Yali set 1. For Expo 2013 there finally is a Phat Azz applier! 

Other good news is that from now on, Ghetto booty is supported too.  All three above named sets have an applier which is compatible with azz and booty :) 

So... what else is on the horizon? Well, a lot! First to appear next weekend is the last Yali set. Aside from that, we're creating new azz-appliers for our specials 'good / bad cop' - 'Elle generale' and even 'KittyCat'. That last one will also finally have Lola support! That is not all. We're working on a new special and the old Expo's will have azz-support soon too.