Update time, the Eos corset is in store now!

Time for the second mesh update at Hugo's Design. The long anticipated corset is finally for sale. The corset comes with long gloves, a thong, pasties and footless stockings. The corset-top (bust) is hidable through the hud as are the thong and pasties! The mesh stylist (hud) also allows you to set all colors, choose between textured and / or materials. 

Wear it and choose your own style! 

Eos corset set - Hugo's Design

We're not sitting still here... there's a third (and last) Eos update coming and after that many more mesh items! We're also looking at:

  • Demos... yes, we know, you want to know what you buy and we fully agree. Working on that.
  • We're looking at Tonic body support
  • More hud updates, making it easier to use.